Holmes v. Moore

Voting Rights

Holmes v. Moore is a state court challenge to the legislation implementing North Carolina’s voter ID constitutional amendment, which the General Assembly passed during a lame-duck special session in late 2018. On the same day that the General Assembly overrode the Governor’s veto, SCSJ filed this lawsuit in Wake County Superior Court on behalf of six individual plaintiffs. The lawsuit claims that restrictions on voting in the enabling legislation will have a discriminatory impact on African American and American Indian voters. Specifically, the lawsuit argues that the law violates multiple provisions of the state constitution by: 1) purposefully discriminating against and disproportionately impacting African American and American Indian voters; 2) unduly burdening the fundamental right to vote; 3) creating separate classes of voters, treated differently with respect to their access to the fundamental right to vote; 4) imposing a cost on voting; 5) imposing a property requirement for voting; and 6) impeding voters’ ability to engage in political expression and speech by casting a ballot.