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SCSJ has made significant progress in increasing public awareness and engagement around the redistricting process, especially among historically marginalized communities throughout the South. Meaningful community engagement in the redistricting process, particularly at the local level, will help secure more opportunities for fair representation over the next decade. 

In our work to ensure fair redistricting, SCSJ continues to fight for racially equitable redistricting maps at all levels of government through litigation, community advocacy, and education.

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What is Redistricting?

Redistricting is the process in which voting maps are re-drawn, often once every decade following the release of a U.S. Census and to account for population changes. When a state redistricts, officials decide which communities are in the same district and share representation in federal and state elections. These maps directly influence how resources for roads, schools, and healthcare are distributed to North Carolina communities for the next ten years.

Redistricting happens every 10 years and determines how communities are created, what districts we live in, who represents us, and how those representatives will allocate resources for our communities.

What is Gerrymandering?

Gerrymandering occurs when state legislatures purposefully draw district boundaries to give an advantage to a particular group or party  —  or put an opposing party or group at a disadvantage.

Partisan gerrymandering is used to discriminate against a political party. This prevents opposition parties from gaining enough voters to represent a viable alternative point of view, and leads to the formation of political monopolies. Even if a district’s shape does not look strange, its population can still be engineered to elect certain politicians.

Our Initiatives

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#MapOurFuture Campaign

Since June 30, 2022, when the U.S. Supreme Court granted review of the North Carolina redistricting case Moore v. Harper, Common Cause NC and Southern Coalition for Social Justice revived an unprecedented campaign to tell our story about our state’s fight for responsive maps and voting access and the impact Moore could have on future elections in North Carolina and across the nation.

CROWD Academies

The 2021 redistricting cycle kicked off in the summer when 2020 Census results were delivered to the states.

Together we are mobilizing greater participation in the redistricting process to pressure state and local electees to create a transparent process, draw fair districts that protect our communities of interest and establish a clear record of community demands, so that we can challenge any attempts to rig the process.

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Redistricting & Fair Districts News

Voting Rights

TRIAL RECAP: Advocates, Experts Testify to Inconsistent Florida Redistricting Process 

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA (Oct. 9, 2023) – As Common Cause et al. v. Byrd reached its conclusion this week, experts and advocates conveyed a singular message: the 2022 congressional redistricting process was the product of deliberate, intentional discrimination against Black voters in North Florida.  Southern Coalition for Social Justice and co-counsel presented several witnesses before the…

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