SCSJ represents individuals and community-based organizations in cases centered around justice system reform, voter rights, and environmental justice. We believe in creating the potential for structural change that will benefit underserved communities and have positive implications for racial justice, election protection, and environmental preservation. Our litigation extends to nonpartisan groups and people of color in local and statewide redistricting litigation across the South, and we have represented clients before the United States Supreme Court.

Our Cases

Voting Rights

Dickson v. Rucho

SCSJ challenged numerous districts in North Carolina’s 2011 legislative and congressional maps as unconstitutional racial gerrymanders on behalf of the North Carolina NAACP.

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Allison Riggs in the 4th Circuit
Justice System Reform

State v. Jimenez

SCSJ attorneys helped successfully defend a dozen Durham-based activists charged with felony incitement to riot and misdemeanor property destruction in connection with the toppling of a Confederate monument at the Old Durham Courthouse.

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