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  • OP-ED: Arrested for voting? Hervis Rogers and the case against disappearing our voters.

  • SCSJ Responds to Supreme Court Decision to Deny State Relief Under the Voting Rights Act

  • OP-ED: NC Senate’s proposed budget includes measures that could undermine fair elections

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    South Carolina Black Activist Coalition Demand Justice For 10-year-old Angel and All Black Students with Disabilities

  • SCSJ Responds to NC Senate Passage of Anti-Voter Bills

  • Southern Coalition for Social Justice Joins N.C. Voting Rights Advocates to Oppose Anti-Voter Bills

  • Southern Coalition for Social Justice Responds to Senate Bill 724’s Fast-tracked Changes to Online Voter Registration

  • OP-ED: North Carolinians have the right to know the truth about those seeking their sensitive voter information

  • Protecting Against the Onslaught of Voter Suppression Efforts in the States: A Statement from the Voting Rights Working Group

  • SCSJ on Hair Discrimination Investigation: “Take a Broader Look”

  • 4th Circuit Upholds Right to Privacy in Lawsuit Requesting NC Voter Information

  • NC High School Student and Father Demand Policies to End Hair Discrimination in Schools

  • Southern Coalition for Social Justice Responds to North Carolina Student Discipline Legislation

  • Southern Coalition for Social Justice Responds to Fast-Moving N.C. Anti-Protest Bills

  • Southern Coalition for Social Justice Responds to Slate of Anti-Voter N.C. Legislation

  • Southern Coalition for Social Justice Reacts to Killing of Andrew Brown Jr., Joins Brown Family and Protestors in Calling for Release of Footage

  • Horizontal graphic with an image on the right of a middle-aged Black woman peacefully resting her head on her hand. On the left, text says Second Chance Month Webinar. Below, text says Event is Canceled and below that the text says We canceled this event to focus our attention on being in solidarity with Elizabeth City protesters.

    Canceled Event: Second Chance Month Webinar & Supporting Elizabeth City

  • Trial Challenging NC’s Discriminatory Voter ID Law Begins April 12

  • COVID and Racial Injustice

  • Horizontal Second Chance Month webinar flyer with picture of a peaceful middle-aged Black woman with long locs placing her hand on her face while smiling with her eyes closed

    Join Us For Our Second Chance Month Webinar

  • SCSJ Co-Executive Director to Testify in Front of Congress about Voting Rights and the 2020 Election

  • Racial Equity Report Cards Find Ongoing Disparities in Discipline in North Carolina Public Schools

  • Dismantling the School-to-Prison Pipeline: A Town Hall Hosted by the Youth Justice Project and the People’s Alliance

  • Confederate monument being removed in Raleigh, NC

    Remove Confederate Symbols Where Justice Is Sought

  • SCSJ’s CROWD Academies Return in Time for Critical Post-2020 Census Redistricting Process

  • Youth Advocacy Organization Launches Campaign Urging Durham Public Schools to Provide Equal Opportunities for All Students

  • Statement on Election Protection Litigation Brought During the 2020 Elections

  • Southern Coalition for Social Justice Launches New Toolkit to Help Individuals Successfully Transition from Incarceration

  • As Georgia Election Nears, Coalition Demands That Facebook, State Dept. Protect Poll Workers, Stop Proliferation of Violence Online

  • SCSJ Now Accepts Cryptocurrency

  • Georgia’s Significance in the 2020 Election

  • Voter Turnout in 2020 Leads to Monumental Election

  • Statement from the Voting Rights Working Group on Counting Every Vote in the 2020 Election

  • Statement from Members of the Voting Rights Working Group on Voter Integrity and the 2020 Elections

  • Op-Ed: Disenfranchised Minorities

  • U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Protections for North Carolinians Who Voted by Mail

  • Southern Coalition for Social Justice Launches New Toolkit to Help Navigate Expungement Process

  • Process For “Curing” Mail-In Ballot Errors in North Carolina Clarified Following Federal Court Ruling

  • CROWD Academy Fellows 2020-2022

  • #CounselorsNotCops: Wake County Black Student Coalition Demands

  • Voting Rights Organizations Continue Fight to Ensure All North Carolina Mail-In Ballots Are Counted

  • Federal Lawsuit Challenges North Carolina Felony Voting Law

  • #CounselorsNotCops Infographics Reveal Policing Disparities in Wake County Public Schools

  • Open Letter Condemning the Arrest of Legal Observers on August 28, 2020

  • Launch of #MyVoteMyVoice

  • #CounselorsNotCops: The Need For Police-Free Schools in Wake County

  • Students, Advocacy Organizations Urge Wake County Schools to Fund #CounselorsNotCops

  • Make a Voting Plan

  • North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services Eases Access to Voting for Nearly 1.3 Million Medicaid Recipients

  • Harrison Raises $2,000 For The Youth Justice Project

  • Letter of Support for Executive Order No. 158 Furthering Fair Chance Policies in State Government Employment

  • Protecting Democracy and Securing the Future

  • Court Continues to Uphold Injunction Against North Carolina’s Discriminatory Voter ID Law

  • Federal Order Mandates Some Protections for North Carolina Voter Safety

  • North Carolina State Board of Elections Upholds Election of Challenged Wayne County Candidate

  • Candidate Bevan J. Foster to Appeal Election Protest Decision of Wayne County Board of Elections

  • SCSJ Partners on Campaign to “Make Good Trouble” and Increase Voter Registration

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    Voting Rights Organizations Provide Guidance to North Carolina Counties on Addressing Potential Early Voting Issues

  • Education Justice Alliance, Students from Enloe High School, and SCSJ Demand that the Wake County School Board End the School Resource Officer Program and Terminate Contracts with Local Law Enforcement Agencies

  • Justice

    Wayne County Board of Elections Upholds Election of Challenged Minority Candidate

  • Public Interest

    SCSJ’s Chief Counsel for Voting Rights and Interim Executive Director Wins 2020 David Carliner Public Interest Award

  • SCSJ Amicus Brief in Brnovich v. DNC