Community supports Durham FADE recommendations

Yesterday, nine community organizations partnered with the Durham FADE Coalition and the Southern Coalition for Social Justice to prioritize five of the more than 30 recommendations from the Human Relations Commission meant to end racial profiling by the Durham Police Department. Representatives from Durham CAN, the Durham Committee on the affairs of Black People, the Durham branch of the NAACP, the Durham People’s Alliance, the North Carolina Public Defenders Association Committee on Racial Equity, Action NC, the George H. White Bar Association, Durham Congregations in Action and Southerners on New Ground came together to unite against racial profiling.
This video both shows community support and summarizes the Durham FADE press conference.

The 5 recommendations of Durham FADE are:


1. Mandate written consent forms for all vehicle consent searches
2. Make misdemeanor marijuana enforcement the department’s lowest law enforcement priority
3. Implement a policy requiring mandatory periodic review of officer stop data
4. Reform and strengthen the Durham Civilian Police Review board
5. Mandate that the department participate in formal racial equity training

Background on the Durham FADE coalition’s efforts to end racial profiling is available here.