Voter Suppression Goes Nuclear in North Carolina

Voting Rights

Recently four new bills were introduced in the North Carolina General Assembly that pose a huge threat to the voting rights of the citizens of this state.  Ari Berman has blogged about it here, relying heavily on SCSJ’s research.
The restrictions we are most concerned about include:
1. Requiring state-issued photo ID to cast a ballot.
2. Cutting early voting – severely limiting the days and locations
3. Ending same day registration during early voting.
4. Penalizing parents of students who register to vote where they go to college.
5. Disenfranchising people convicted of felony offenses.

6. Banning “incompetent” voters from the polls
SCSJ has summarized the bills introduced Tuesday, April 2nd: ONSLAUGHT OF VOTER DISENFRANCHISEMENT BILLS