Unique pairings make New Orleans count

Associated Neighborhood Development (AND) is an organization based in New Orleans, LA, established to address the affordable housing needs of New Orleans residents. Currently they are focusing on pairing new advocates with those who are more experienced to get the word out about the 2010 Census.
In collaboration with the Hoffman Triangle Neighborhood Association (HTNA), the groups are working to advocate for services that many New Orleans neighborhoods are still not able to offer in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. AND is hoping to reach affected communities with informational materials on what an accurate count in New Orleans would mean for the issues the area is facing as it continues to rebuild. Since many residents are displaced, it is crucial that everyone in this area be counted in order to obtain the resources the New Orleans community really needs.
AND will pair one youth canvasser who has been educated about the census with a more experienced volunteer from HTNA. By creating this diverse team, AND wants to couple youthful energy with experienced knowledge to reach a wider range of residents. AND hopes that this unique pairing will help to spread awareness about the benefits of participating in the 2010 Census to all members of the New Orleans community.