Stand Up to Hate: Vote Against Amendment One Today

Today the Southern Coalition for Social Justice is standing with the LGBTQ community and fair minded North Carolinians in asking all North Carolina voters to stand up to hate by voting AGAINST Amendment One.
Amendment One, which seeks to define marriage as a union between one woman and one man would:
• take domestic partnership benefits from all unmarried people
• take health benefits from kids of all unmarried people, and
• restrict the rights of domestic violence survivors who are being hurt by people they are not married to
This amendment would have broad impacts on many North Carolinians, but it explicitly seeks to attack LGBTQ community members. In North Carolina, same sex marriage is not legal, thus at its core this amendment seeks to further alienate LGBTQ people from our communities.
As a social justice organization, we stand for the equal rights and humanity of all persons. Please, go to the polls today to vote NO on Amendment One and make sure your friends and family know why you are against this amendment.
We thank everyone who has been involved in this important human rights struggle.
For more information about Amendment One see: