SCSJ makes list of top Google+ pages for social workers

The Southern Coalition for Social Justice has always prided itself on being multidisciplinary and responsive to the communities we serve. It was a special treat to recently learn that we are part of a list of top Google+ pages for social workers (we’re #12, in the Social Justice section). Below is some information about the purpose of the list. Click here to read the full list.

Connecting with people and working to understand them is a social worker’s bread and butter. The importance of empathy and the ability to communicate is vital for interacting with clients, but is also important for broader interactions within the social work profession. Social networks like Google+ provide a platform that can be uniquely beneficial for social workers who are trying to broaden the scope of their knowledge and practice by meeting other professionals, joining associations, or just having conversations with other social workers in diverse roles.
Additionally, Google+ can offer useful tools for social workers to recommend to their clients. Support communities for those who have suffered bullying, domestic violence, hunger, or homelessness are all available, as well as communities that focus on the broader issues of poverty and social justice that social workers are constantly confronting. The Google+ pages mentioned here cover the full spectrum of useful social work resources, and instead of being numerically ranked, they are organized to allow for easy perusal of related accounts.