SCSJ joins call for more diversity within the Federal Reserve

The Southern Coalition for Social Justice is among the 32 community groups that sent a letter to Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen calling for greater diversity, representation, and fairness within the nation’s central banking system.   Other signatories include the AFL-CIO, NAACP, Southern Poverty Law Center, Action NC and 27 others.
The request points out that “[t]he Federal Reserve will be strengthened by having Presidents and members of Boards of Directors whose experience and expertise better reflect the large segments of our economy and our population that are not proportionally benefiting from economic growth. Ensuring that these perspectives are represented within the Fed is a critical way to prepare the Fed for the challenges and opportunities in our economic future. When the voices of people of color, women, and those with backgrounds from labor and non-profits are excluded, their interests are often neglected.”
In hopes of building an economy that is fairer and more representative for all of our communities, we hope Chair Yellen heeds the call.  You can read the full letter below.