SCSJ Condemns Voting Omnibus Bill as Blatant Disenfranchisement 

"I Voted" stickers that have been torn and defaced

RALEIGH, NC – Southern Coalition for Social Justice condemns North Carolina Republicans’ sweeping omnibus elections bill as a coordinated attack on our state’s voting system that will make it harder for all North Carolinians to vote, and leave many North Carolinians unable to vote at all.  

Senate Bill 747 is an attempt to undermine our democracy through technicalities and needless complications, constructing a multitude of unnecessary burdens on the right to vote and mandating that our hardworking elections officials implement these changes in a condensed time frame with zero additional support. 

The bill would subject voters to baseless attacks on their rights and proposes sweeping changes to elections, from restricting mail-in and early voting to adding more administrative burdens to underfunded election officials. Though the specific changes are complex and wide-ranging, they all serve the same goal: to confuse North Carolinians and manufacture new barriers to exercising the right to vote.  

“This legislation is a solution in search of problems,” said Jeff Loperfido, Interim Chief Counsel for Voting Rights at SCSJ. “S.B. 747 is the latest move in a long history of attacks on voting rights in North Carolina, which will disproportionately harm voters of color, young voters, and voters with disabilities. There is no factual evidence, in North Carolina or anywhere, that could justify any of the so-called solutions proposed in this bill. We will continue to fight so that every voter has their voice heard.” 

The State Board of Elections and County Boards of Elections have already been tasked with implementing voter ID in an extremely condensed time frame following the unprecedented decision of the North Carolina Supreme Court reviving that discriminatory law. Adding the additional burden of rolling out the wide-ranging changes in this bill would create an impossible task for our election administrators, all to the detriment of voters across the state. North Carolinians deserve better than an unjustified, ill-considered attack on their democracy, especially one sprung at the last minute and without regard to how elections actually work.  


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