SCSJ and Luisa Estrada Defend her Human Right to Fair Housing

Luisa Estrada thought she had purchased a home for family. But after making a large down payment on a house in Alamance County it became clear that the realtor had taken advantage of her. The contract she signed contained confusing language indicating she was in fact only renting the property in question. Ms. Estrada partnered with SCSJ staff attorney Chris Brook to successfully negotiate a resolution wherein the realtor agreed to let Ms. Estrada out of her “purchase” contract in addition to refunding her full down payment and many of the expenses she incurred while improving the property. After months of frustration, Ms. Estrada now speaks with relief: “Through SCSJ’s support, I was able to prevail against a realtor who had deceived me.” One small blow against unfair and deceptive housing practices!