CROWD Academies

Voting Rights

SCSJ is partnering with community organizations in several states across the South to offer in-depth training sessions to educate community organizers on the redistricting process and potential voting rights violations following the 2020 census. Community Redistricting Organizations Working for Democracy (CROWD) Academies will equip individuals and organizations with tools to monitor and engage with redistricting processes at every level of government, spot warning signs, and take action if decisions are likely to infringe on the right to an equal opportunity to participate in elections.

Below, read our one-pager, “Redistricting Overview,” view our CROWD Academy Booklet, download our state-specific chapters, and read and hear about CROWD Academy participants’ experience with the training.

Learn more about our 2020-2022 CROWD Academy Fellows.

Redistricting Overview by Tazeen Dhanani

Crowd Academy Booklet by Tazeen Dhanani on Scribd

The atmosphere was fun and not intimidating.

Testimonial from Leila Lewis, NC CROWD Academy

I enjoyed learning how the map drawing tool works.

Testimonial from Kathy Greggs, NC CROWD Academy

My strength has to be strong enough to do things for others and their cause than my own.

Testimonial from Jeniffer Chow, GA CROWD Academy

My favorite part was understanding how mapping is crucial to our community.

Testimonial from Basra Isaac, GA CROWD Academy

If we participate in the Census, we have a better opportunity at fair representation.

Testimonial from Kattie Vinson Kendrick, GA CROWD Academy

I learned how to draw a district, and that others are available to help.

Testimonial from Angelica Blakely-LeBeauf, LA CROWD Academy

I will use my new knowledge to invoke awareness and, ultimately, change.

Testimonial from Meredith McGee, MS CROWD Academy
Testimonial from Georquel Goodwin, LA CROWD Academy

Learning about the importance of collaboration and community was a refreshing initiative.

Testimonial from Felicia Yearwood, MS CROWD Academy

We can determine what’s in the best interest of our community members.

Testimonial from Bridget Deline, SC CROWD Academy

This process can shape communities’ ability to elect the representatives of their choice.

Video Testimonial from Veronica Johnson, AL CROWD Academy
Video Testimonial from Brian Kasprzyk, SC CROWD Academy