On Human Rights Day, #ReformStorm seeks Immigration Reform

Today is International Human Rights Day, celebrated annually on December 10 to remind the world of the importance of basic human rights. This year, a group of immigrant rights allies are working on a twitter storm (concentrated tweets going into Boehner and Cantor’s offices) focused on Internationall Human Rights Day today between 1pm ET – 2pm ET (Tuesday December 10th). The “Reform Storm” will advocate for comprehensive immigration reform. You may sign up here to receive more information and suggested actions, although you don’t have to sign up in order to participate.
The #ReformStorm will hit Reps. Boehner’s and Cantor’s Twitter feeds on 12/10/13 from 1 p.m. – 2 p.m. ET, when immigration reform supporters across the country will send a barrage of tweets urging them to schedule a vote.
The goal is to drive thousands of tweets to these members so they feel the pressure of our demands to call a vote on immigration reform, and to make it a reform we can be proud to support. Immigration advocates are asking participants to send as many tweets demanding immigration reform as they can to Rep. Boehner and Rep. Cantor on 12/10 from 1 p.m. – 2 p.m. ET.
If you aren’t on twitter, you can also post these items to facebook and ask your friends on twitter to post them, too.
ALSO PLEASE CHANGE YOUR FACEBOOK banner to the image below for today.
Here are some sample tweets:
• In honor of #HumanRightsDay, you should try caring about human rights @JohnBoehner. Support a #PathToJustice http://bit.ly/1kkCANf
• Don’t celebrate #HumanRightsDay by supporting racial profiling. Time for a #PathToJustice @JohnBoehner http://bit.ly/1kkCANf
• One unified voice is calling for a #PathToJustice for immigrants, @JohnBoehner. Can you hear our #ReformStorm? http://bit.ly/1kkCANf
• This #HumanRightsDay, we all call for a #PathToJustice @GOPLeader! Can you hear our #ReformStorm? http://bit.ly/1kkCANf
• We will not stand idly by. This #HumanRightsDay, we call for a #PathToJustice @SpeakerBoehner.http://bit.ly/1kkCANf
• Good policy is good politics, @GOPLeader. #SAFEAct is neither. Hear our #ReformStorm. We demand a #PathToJustice http://bit.ly/1kkCANf
• Int’l Human Rights Day 12/10 commemorates the @UN adoption of the Universal Declaration of #HumanRights: http://bit.ly/1aVSwE9
• #CIR should honor Universal Declaration of #HumanRights: “common standard of achievement for all peoples and all nations.” #ReformStorm
• .@GOPLeader @SpeakerBoehner it’s time to act on immigration reform. Give us a vote! #ReformStorm
• .@GOPLeader @SpeakerBoehner American majority (88%) wants an #immigration process w/ a roadmap to citizenship now! #ReformStorm
• .@SpeakerBoehner We demand a vote! Our immigration process should uphold #HumanRights of all regardless of citizenship status #ReformStorm
• .@GOPLeader @SpeakerBoehner leaders are fasting on the Mall in solidarity with the 11 million. It’s time for the House to act #ReformStorm
• .@GOPLeader #TimeIsNow to vote on #CIR that includes a clear roadmap 4 New Americans who aspire to be citizens #ReformStorm
• .@GOPLeader @SpeakerBoehner this Int’l #HumanRights Day, #TimeIsNow for #CIR with a clear roadmap to citizenship! #ReformStorm
• .@GOPLeader uphold U.S. value that hard work should be rewarded. Protect workers’ rights, regardless of #immigration status! #ReformStorm
• .@SpeakerBoehner a fair day in court & access to lawyers: #HumanRights central to U.S. justice system. Protect due process! #ReformStorm.
• .@GOPLeader Int’l #HumanRights Declaration states “No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile” #not1more #ReformStorm
• .@SpeakerBoehner When we allow denial of due process to any immigrants here, we allow a threat to our core #HumanRights values. #ReformStorm
• .@GOPLeader immigrants come here to make a better life. Uphold American value that families should stick together! #ReformStorm
• .@SpeakerBoehner why haven’t you visited the #Fast4Families tent? You’re invited: 6pm vigil for #CIR that honors #HumanRights #ReformStorm
• .@GOPLeader @SpeakerBoehner the #SAFEAct is anything but safe. Don’t legalize racial profiling #ReformStorm#EndRP
• All people should be treated fairly no matter the color of their skin or birth country @SpeakerBoehner #EndRacialProfiling #ReformStorm