New Fiscal Year Brings Changes to Healthcare Coverage

“Apex can’t actually prohibit abortions, whether it’s for an employee or not. But our plan can,” says Republican Apex mayor Keith Weatherly. Indeed, the town of Apex has recently removed coverage for abortions from the city’s health care plan except in cases of rape, incest, or where the life of the mother is at risk.
Provoked by anti-choice State Rep. Paul Stam, numerous counties and the NC League of Municipalities, which determines the plan for over 200 municipalities, have quickly followed suit. More counties are now threatening to do the same.
However, abortion coverage is a normal part of comprehensive health coverage. More than 85 percent of private insurance plans provide coverage. Erica Scott of NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina and Patricia Dillon of Planned Parenthood say, “Removing abortion coverage from an employee benefit package is a clear example of politicians placing their own divisive agenda ahead of what is best for the citizens of the towns and counties they represent.”
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