Make a Voting Plan

Voting Rights

Do you have a voting plan for this year’s General Election? Do you know when you will vote, or how? As the 2020 General Election approaches, SCSJ has created a one-stop digital hub to provide North Carolinians with all of the information they will need to vote, from checking to see if they’re registered to vote to learning about the different ways to vote – especially in the midst of a pandemic. Accompanying the NC state-specific webpage is a separate webpage for national resources, including state election information.

Learn how to register to vote, the different methods of voting, voting while overseas, provisional voting, being a poll worker and more! Share these resources with your family, friends and networks, and encourage them to #MakeAVotingPlan!

We will be adding more resources to these pages over the coming weeks, so please be sure to bookmark and visit them regularly!

Make a Voting Plan: NC:
Make a Voting Plan: National: