SCSJ Will Release New Report in Early 2022 On Ending Youth Criminalization in North Carolina

Justice System Reform

In early 2022, the Southern Coalition for Social Justice will release Invest In Our Children, Invest In our Youth: Ending Youth Criminalization in North Carolina. This report calls for a reinvestment in community-led alternatives that support and nourish young people and their communities.

Throughout America’s history, Black, Latine, and Indigenous youth have been traumatized by racial violence and dehumanized by a society that often views their presence as a threat to public safety. These same young people are at constant risk of state-sanctioned violence from discriminatory law enforcement, which criminalizes age-appropriate behaviors and suppresses their freedom of movement.

Invest In Our Youth follows a divest/invest framework, which brings attention to the choices that resource a misguided and racist system as we call for an investment in community-led initiatives that prioritize and support the healthy development of young people.

Read a preview of the upcoming report below.

Invest In Our Children, Inv… by Youth Justice Project