SCSJ has Moved!

Our new address is:

1415 West Highway 54
Suite 101
Durham, NC 27707

Two Environmental Justice Victories!

The Gates County Citizens Against OLF successfully pressured the Navy to suspend its process for constructing a practice landing field in Gates County. The Navy announced that it will halt the process at least until 2014. SCSJ represents Citizens Against OLF. Read more about it in our recent blog post.

The New Hill Community Association, represented for the past two years by SCSJ, has settled its litigation against the Western Wake Partners over the Partners’ decision to site a wastewater treatment facility in the New Hill community. The Association received $500,000 to build a community center, a long-held goal of New Hill residents. Read more about it in our press release.

Voting Rights Victory

On December 16, SCSJ ensured that a federal judge reject a challenge to Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act, a key tool in defending minority voting rights. Read more about the case on our blog.

Check out the cover story in an Indy magazine publication to learn about the courageous stance an immigrant woman took against an Immigration official. SCSJ represented the woman. And read our blog post about it.