Harrison Raises $2,000 For The Youth Justice Project

Youth Justice Project
Harrison walked 8.27 miles in two hours to raise money for the Youth Justice Project at the Walk With Us For Social Justice Event (Photo courtesy of Harrison’s Family)

We are so grateful for the generosity of Harrison, who, at 10 years old, raised $2,000 for the Youth Justice Project! At the beginning of August, Harrison participated in the Walk With Us For Social Justice event. Harrison decided to raise money for the Youth Justice Project, because in his words, “I believe in the future they are working toward building.” 

Harrison invited people to donate to the Youth Justice Project through sponsoring him per mile he walks or making a one-time donation. In just one day, Harrison raised $1,000! By the time he finished the Walk With Us For Social Justice event, Harrison completed 8.27 miles in two hours!   

Harrison’s generosity will help us create a better future so that young people of color feel loved and supported in their schools and communities. Thank you so much, Harrison! 

The Youth Justice Project reached out to Harrison and his mom, Valerie, to learn more about Harrison’s important work.    

How did you hear about the Youth Justice Project?  

Harrison – I heard about the Youth Justice Project on a website that had all of these social justice organizations and the Youth Justice Project was on there.   

Valerie – Davis (Harrison’s dad) and Harrison researched local social justice organizations online. They searched many websites.  

What made you decide to raise money for the Youth Justice Project?  

Harrison – On that website, it had descriptions of the organizations. When I read the description of the Youth Justice Project, I liked it so I then went to your website and I read the “About” section and that was when I wanted to raise money for the Youth Justice Project.  

Valerie – After looking at a few websites, Harrison liked that the Youth Justice Project is focused on children in the area.  

What motivated you and gave you the energy to walk 8.27 miles in two hours at the Walk With Us For Social Justice event?  

Harrison – It was really all of the support I got from my parents and friends. If I realized anything while raising money, it’s that I am lucky to have this wonderful community. 

How did you feel when you realized you raised $2,000?  

Harrison – Stupendous! 

Want to join Harrison in donating to the Youth Justice Project? Your giving helps us fight for a world where no child is criminalized and all Black and Brown youth receive the education and support necessary to thrive in their full dignity. Donate here and select “Youth Justice Project”: https://southerncoalition.org/donate