Commemorating Roe at 41

Today is the 41st anniversary of Roe v. Wade. In commemoration of this historic ruling, NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina’s Executive Director, Suzanne Buckley, released the following statement:

This landmark decision by the US Supreme Court changed the lives of women and families across our nation forty-one years ago today by making abortion care in the United States safe and legal. Despite the attempts by anti-choice extremists to chip away at these rights, the majority of North Carolinians share our belief that every individual should have the freedom to decide when, how, and with whom to have a family without interference by the government.
Today, NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina stands with thousands of our supporters across the state in committing ourselves to protecting and advancing reproductive rights in 2014. We will continue to fight for medically accurate sex education, to stop the deceptive practices of crisis pregnancy centers, to expand Medicaid, and to guarantee that all women in NC have access to safe and legal abortion care. Together, we will build on the momentum from Moral Mondays, outside the Governor’s mansion and in cities and towns across the state as women and families came together to stand up to attacks on health care and women’s rights. This past summer, we turned out in record numbers to stand up for our values against underhanded attempts to sneak through bad legislation. The groundswell of activism we witnessed this summer confirms what we already know—that North Carolinians will not stand idly by as extreme lawmakers try to take away the rights our mothers and grandmothers fought for over forty-one years ago today.

I am pro-choice because
This blog is reposted from NC Blogs for Repro Rights, with permission of NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina