Ban the Confederate Flag in Orange County Schools

Justice System Reform

“For many, the flag is a racially inflammatory symbol, which is undeniably rooted in slavery and racism. Given OCS’ commitment to serve all students, the district should not allow the Confederate flag on its campuses.”

Orange County NAACP President Patricia Clayton

Currently, Orange County Schools (NC) do not explicitly ban the Confederate flag. Images of the flag can be disruptive to a safe, secure environment, especially for African American students. Due to this impact, we are asking that the Orange County School Board show they are serious about equity by explicitly banning images of the confederate flag on school grounds. We are asking for your support in this matter.

For students: If you are an Orange County student personally impacted by this issue, we would love to hear your story. You can fill out the comment box in the petition link below. Please include school and grade in the comment box.

For the community: Please sign the petition below and share with family and friends. If you know of any impacted students in Orange County Schools, please have them share their story using the above method.