Anne Harvey Joins SCSJ as Chief Counsel for Environmental Justice 

Environmental Justice

DURHAM, N.C. — Anne Harvey has joined the Southern Coalition for Social Justice (SCSJ) as the Chief Counsel for Environmental Justice.  

SCSJ is growing its Environmental Justice program because historically marginalized communities in the South face serious threats to their health, homes, livelihoods, and families from the disparate impacts of pollution and climate-related disasters. We follow the lead of and provide support to long-established community organizations in their organizing and advocacy. 

Harvey understands the inextricable connection between culture and the environment and looks forward to building on the relationships SCSJ has in communities across the South. She is dedicated to honoring these relationships and the community’s trust through holistic and long-term partnerships.  

“We will start our work by having conversations with community members about the issues that are directly impacting them,” said Anne Harvey, Chief Counsel for Environmental Justice at (SCSJ). “I am eager to be a resource to communities in their search for solutions.” 

The diverse cultural and natural landscapes of the South and the warmth and hospitality of the people here inspire Harvey’s passion for environmental conservation and its ties to human rights. The South is a region that has historically been underrepresented or neglected in these fights.  

Harvey earned law degree from Georgetown Law in 2010 and her Master’s degree in Aquatic Environmental Science from Florida State University in 2014, and has worked in both nonprofit and private practice before joining SCSJ. Her litigation experience includes cases related to land use and zoning, stormwater management, toxic torts, groundwater pollution, utilities and hazardous waste regulation, endangered species law, and Clean Air and Water Act enforcement and permitting.  

Clean Air and Water, Energy Equity, Climate Resilience, and Land Use are all issues that disproportionately impact low-income and minority communities. Land Use is a broad category that has bearing on policies from storm and flood water management, to industrial plant siting and resource extraction, to zoning and development. 

Individuals and organizations from communities directly impacted by these and other Environmental Justice issues are encouraged to reach out to Harvey at as she begins these conversations. If you’d like to raise an issue, schedule a meeting to discuss community concerns, or learn more about how to advocate for greater Environmental Justice, please email Harvey at


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