Anita Earls on 'To The Point'

SCSJ Executive Director Anita Earls appeared on ‘To The Point,’ discussing evidence of voter suppression and the ongoing need for a strong Voting Rights Act. Fifty years after the Civil Rights Movement, there’s new controversy over the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The US Supreme Court has ruled that it’s out of date. Now, some states – including North Carolina – are accused of renewing discrimination in voting. The Supreme Court has invited new legislation, but none has yet been passed. Anita’s interview covers the importance of proper use of the Voting Rights Act and arguments of communities of color that redistricting plans in Alabama and North Carolina are a misuse of the Voting Rights Act.
The Voting Rigths interview begins at 8:10, and Anita begins at 19:40.

To The Point
SCSJ Executive Director Anita Earls