5 things more frequent than voter fraud

According to recently released results from an ongoing survey, there have been just 31 instances of in-person voter fraud since 2000. It’s official: UFO Sightings Are More Common. In an effort to highlight the absurdity inherent in voter fraud claims, we compiled this list of things that you’re more likely to see.
1. Vladimir Putin’s publicity stunts : 41*

2. Number of times characters say “Jack” or “Rose” in Titanic: 84 and 75, respectively**

3. People killed by a vending machine since 2000: 182
4. Number of times The Police sing “Roxanne” and “Red Light”: 49***

5. Cases of retained foreign objects found in patients following surgery per year: 110
*41 is an under-count. We found no single source that consistently tracks the exact number of Vladimir Putin’s publicity stunts (there are just so, SO many) but we discovered 41 well-documented cases after a cursory search.
**For the record, they both could have fit.
***When counting lead and backup vocals together.