Democracy on North Carolina’s Campuses

Voting Rights

Updated November 15, 2023. This visualizer is in beta and may change.

For North Carolina’s large and diverse student population, using a student ID to vote makes voting less complicated. However, not all student IDs can be used as voter photo ID. Why? For a student ID to be acceptable for voting, the school – public or private universities and colleges – must obtain approval from the State Board of Elections. 

After the State Board’s initial application period earlier this year, 51 schools  across North Carolina received approvals for using of their student IDs in the 2023 and 2024 elections. Yet, over 80 other schools have not applied for or received approval from the State Board. 

Southern Coalition for Social Justice, in partnership with Democracy North Carolina, has created the College Voter ID Visualizer to show the distribution of North Carolina’s student population and which schools have or have not obtained approval for their student IDs. 

In preparation for the 2024 elections, the State Board has opened a new application period for schools that have not applied for their IDs to be approved for voting. The period to apply is from November 13 to December 15, 2023. More information can be found here.  

If your school has not received approval yet, we encourage you to contact your campus administrators about the importance of student IDs for making your voice count in 2024 and ask them to apply.