Not Giving Up on the DREAM

By Rebecca Fontaine, Immigrant Rights Organizer
This past week undocumented students and allies across North Carolina have been holding actions in support of the DREAM Act. The DREAM Act would provide 1.5 million undocumented students with a path towards legalization and access to higher education.
Unfortunately, today the Senate blocked a vote on the Defense Authorization Bill, meaning the DREAM Act will not be given the opportunity to come up for discussion as an amendment on this bill. DREAM is urging supporters to call Senator Harry Reid (NV) to bring up the DREAM Act as a stand-alone bill and stop playing politics with the lives of undocumented students.
Rosario Lopez, an NC DREAM Team member, is disappointed but says that this defeat will only make us fight harder. “We are not going to give up and we are going to keep fighting for the DREAM Act. We are stronger than ever. I think we can accomplish the passage of the DREAM Act as a stand-alone bill.”