Wake County School Board Vote Today

Today, the Wake County School Board will be holding the final vote on its plan to dismantle Wake County’s economic diversity policy and resegregate schools in the county.

They will be conduct this vote without full observation and participation by interested Wake County citizens. Concerned parents who showed up to the Board’s administration building before 9 AM were told that unless they stayed the entire day (the meeting doesn’t begin until 3 PM), they would have to surrender their tickets and lose their chance to attend the meeting. This was NOT ticketing policy described in this morning’s News and Observer.

Parents who had to pick children up at noon were thus excluded from attending this vitally important meeting. They left the building, frustrated, disgusted, and without tickets to the meeting.

The Wake County School Board is behaving in way that violates North Carolina’s Open Meeting Law. These secretive, excluding tactics are further inflaming tensions and dividing our community.

Linked here is a letter sent by a coalition of North Carolina attorneys outlining violations of the Open Meetings Law and urging the Board to reconsider its procedural changes for today’s meetings.

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Letter to Margiotta re Procedural Violations 3_23_2010.doc