SCSJ client Montravias King featured on Rachel Maddow Show (twice)

On August 15, 2013 the Rachel Maddow Show dedicated a lengthy segment to evolving voter suppression efforts in North Carolina. One of the featured examples was the story of Montravias King, who SCSJ is representing in his efforts to run for City Council. The local board of elections has ruled that Mr. King may not run for elected office because he lives in student housing at his alma mater Elizabeth City State University. According to the board of elections, a university address is not adequate to prove residency. Since the same residency requirements are applied to political candidates and voters, there is grave concern that by blocking the right of Montravias King to run for city council, the local board of elections has started down a path toward disenfranchising all university students living on campus. SCSJ is representing Montravias King in his appeal to the State Board of Elections.

Then, on August 16, SCSJ client Montravias King himself appeared on Rachel Maddow.

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The Southern Coalition for Social Justice is involved in two major lawsuits challenging the new voter suppression law in North Carolina, as well as representing Montravias King in his ongoing efforts to participate in the political process and protect voting rights for college students. SCSJ is also litigating voting rights issues in Texas, Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, and Washington, D.C. But we can’t beat voter suppression without your help! Click here to support SCSJ’s work to end voter suppression in North Carolina and throughout the South!