ICE overreach in NC – one immigrant's story

On September 18, 2013, Uriel was on the way to his friend’s house to help work on his motorcycle. Uriel had his eye on the road ahead of him when he suddenly heard a crash and looked up at his rearview mirror. The car behind him had lost control and crashed into a utility pole. He saw a cloud of smoke. At the next turn, he pulled over to call 911 to report the crash he had witnessed. After reporting the crash, Uriel proceeded to drive to his friend’s house.
Upon arriving home later that night, Uriel turned on the TV and found his white truck in a video on the evening news. Reports said the police were looking for the driver of the white truck. Confused because he had not been involved in the crash but determined to clear things up, Uriel called Crime Stoppers multiple times but didn’t get a response. So he called 911 and told the dispatcher he was the driver of the white truck and that he wanted to get in touch with the detectives in charge of investigating the incident. Finally, Uriel was put in touch with the detectives and told them everything he saw. Detectives asked him to go to the police station and to take the white truck with him.
In compliance with the authorities, Uriel showed up accompanied by his sister Adilene. He was ready to clear things up. But after giving his witness statement, the interrogation turned ugly. The officers questioned Uriel and Adilene about their immigration status and their family while the white truck was inspected. Despite having found no signs of collision on the white truck and his initiative to provide authorities with his testimony, Uriel was arrested. He is currently being held in Mecklenburg County Central Jail with an ICE hold even though he has not been convicted of the charges brought against him.

Uriel's high school graduation
Uriel’s high school graduation

Uriel has lived in the United States since he was 2 years old. He graduated South Mecklenburg High School four months ago and works extra hours to raise the money he needs to attend college next year. His dream is to study automotive engineering and he plays soccer in his free time. His family, friends, and neighbors whom he helped after a fire in their home last year want to see him released.
To urge authorities to immediately drop the ICE hold on Uriel Eduardo Flores (inmate #430763) and release him from Mecklenburg County Central Jail in Charlotte, North Carolina, visit
If you’re in the Charlotte area, I invite you to a vigil outside Mecklenburg County Central jail this evening. RSVP to the facebook event here.
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