I know firsthand what is possible when people with criminal records are given a second chance

This year the work of SCSJ’s Justice System Reform program has continued to center directly affected communities to reduce the collateral consequences of interactions with the criminal justice system, dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline, and decriminalize youth. 

In April, we recognized Second-Chance Month with a video highlighting the reentry journey of our community organizer Sala Abdallah. These resources provide insight into some of the difficulties of reentry and raise the efforts of reentry heroes and community members who provide vital support to those coming home.

Long-term change takes time. But by working together, we can ensure that we are moving towards the equitable world we all need to thrive. We look forward to building these communities together.We could not have done our work in 2022 without your support – and we won’t be able to keep up the momentum of our successes in 2023 without you.