Open Data Policing Website Manual


Locate an Officer’s Career Stop and Search History

Stopped by the police? Use our “Find a Stop” feature to locate your traffic stop. Click on the associated Officer ID number to display the enforcement history of the officer who stopped you. Maryland data includes an officer’s stop, search, and contraband seizure data, broken down by race and ethnicity. North Carolina data includes these features in addition to use- of-force data (traffic stops only).

Review Departmental Enforcement Patterns

Learn more about the enforcement patterns of individual police agencies. Metrics include stops, searches, search rates, contraband seizure rates, and the likelihood of search for individual stop causes—each broken down by race and ethnicity. Click on the “Agencies” tab to review the demographics of those stopped and searched in a given jurisdiction and how enforcement patterns compare to local demographics, displayed through the most recently available census data.

Compare Enforcement Practices Among Officers and Jurisdictions

Our platform allows users—including those in police management—to easily compare enforcement patterns among individual officers and agencies, evaluate the frequency and efficiency of searches, and monitor for racially disparate enforcement practices. Police managers who possess a master list of Officer ID codes can bypass the “Find a Stop” page to directly access data on individual officers under their command.

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