Florida Amendments 3 and 4 on 2020 Ballot

Voting Rights

Amendment 3

Florida’s Amendment 3 in 2020 could present a significant threat to Black and Latinx voting power in the state. Under this Amendment, Florida’s primary elections would shift from a “closed primary,” in which voters must be registered with a political party to participate in that party’s primary election, to a “top-two primary” model.

While supporters of Florida’s Amendment 3 in 2020 focus on the inclusion of unaffiliated voters in primary races, recent analyses highlight the potential for diluting the voting strength of the state’s voters of color.

Amendment 4

Amendment 4 on the Florida ballot this fall would require constitutional amendments to be approved by voters in two successive general elections. This measure would significantly limit direct democracy in Florida – the constitutional amendment process is expensive, and the voters should be able to check their legislative leaders without having to spend double the money.

This initiative would add more burden to an already expensive and challenging process for citizens to exercise their rights. We must protect all Florida voters' rights to participate in our democracy! Opposition to Amendment 4 is co-sponsored by SCSJ and the League of Women Voters of Florida.


Click on the "Download" button below to download our full memo on Florida's Amendment 3, entitled: "Consequences of Florida’s Proposed Amendment 3: Diminishing the Voting Power of the State’s Black and Latinx Voters."

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