Election Funding Advocacy

The first half of the year is your chance to talk to your County Board of Elections Director and County Commissioners to determine where they are in the budgeting process and make the case for more investment in your elections.

The County Commission plays a key role in making sure funding is available to meet the needs identified by the County Board of Elections and community partners. PRO-TIP: Contact the county manager’s office for information about the budget, upcoming county commission meetings to discuss the budget, and opportunities for public comment on election funding.


  • Election funding is key to providing voting access for all voters in our county.
  • During past funding cycles poor investment created challenges for voters (e.g., low voter turnout, few early voting options, including fewer weekend options, and a reduction in poll workers).
  • During past funding cycles, robust investment allowed the Board of Elections to provide important resources (e.g., more polling places, including popular early voting options and hours; voter education resources and abundant supplies; recruiting, training, and retaining good poll workers).
  • As our County prepares for upcoming elections, more funding from the County Commissioners this fiscal year is critical to ensure: accessible, safe, and fair elections.
  • Election funding should be increased this year to: expand early voting and ensure safer and more accessible polling sites. Disseminate important information about election rules and districts. Provide the equipment and materials necessary to vote.