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Voting Rights

Understanding Voter Registration List Maintenance

In this document we provide a summary of North Carolina’s voter list maintenance procedures and proposals to ensure that every eligible voter has a fair opportunity to cast their ballot.
Voting Rights

Florida Amendments 3 and 4 on 2020 Ballot

Amendment 3 Florida’s Amendment 3 in 2020 could present a significant threat to Black and Latinx voting power in the state. Under this Amendment, Florida’s…

SCSJ Brochure

Download our updated brochure, which provides an overview of each of our teams’ work. Updated October 2020.…
Voting Rights

Voters in Assisted Living Facilities

Learn about the 2020 rules for voting in assisted living facilities, along with the two-step process for absentee-by-mail voting in North Carolina. Click on the…
Voting Rights

Utilizing the Election Protection Hotline

Learn about both the North Carolina-specific hotline number and national hotline number – who runs them, how they work, issues the hotline workers address, and…
Criminal Justice

The Freedom to Vote

North Carolina is one of a handful of states that disenfranchise people living in our communities who are on felony probation and parole. Unfortunately, this…
Voting Rights

Know Your Rights: Post Hurricane Florence

In the wake of natural disasters, voters frequently get displaced from their homes. That does not mean that these voters lose their right to vote…
Youth Justice Project

Racial Equity Report Cards

View this year’s Racial Equity Report Cards here. Prior year’s Racial Equity Report Cards are available for 2016, 2017, and 2018. View statewide maps of…