NEW RESOURCE: A new study on fresh water mussels in the Chowan River.

SCSJ is representing Citizens Against OLF (Outlying Landing Field) in Gates County.

An OLF is used for Navy pilots to practice landing in conditions similar to landing on an aircraft carrier. The Navy attempted (and failed) to place the OLF in Washington and Beaufort counties. Citizens in theses counties organized against the OLF and succeeded!

Gates County is a poor, rural, tightly-knit community near the Virginia border in eastern North Carolina. The construction of an OLF would mean the loss and destruction of centuries-old family farms. Gates County is home to incredible species diversity and many threatened species that are indigenous to North Carolina. These habitats would be permanently disrupted by the construction of an OLF.

In spite of its plans to build an OLF in a NC community, Navy representatives have stated publicly that an OLF is “not necessarily needed.”

Gates County residents are asking for help and support from citizens across North Carolina to stop the OLF from being constructed – which would dispossess and dislocate many in the community.

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