great coverage of the White Street Landfill lawsuit

The White Street Landfill (and the subsequent lawsuit against the city) has been covered extensively by the press. SCSJ attorney Chris Brook has been working hard to make sure the citizens of Greensboro are heard. Be sure to check out our News Coverage page to see all of it. Make sure to check there as well for updates.
Today the landfill was mentioned in a piece on on race relations in Greensboro. Over the weekend, the Greensboro News & Record published an editorial asking for the city to take a “timeout” and more thoroughly consider its options regarding the landfill. The temporary restraining order requested by SCSJ was granted, preventing the council from continuing negotiations for the time being. For photos of the last council meeting (in which the City Council voted to narrow negotiations to two companies who were both planning to reopen the landfill), check out the Flickr stream provided by YES! Weekly.
SCSJ has been working with Citizens for Economic and Environmental Justice, the League of Women Voters of the Piedmont Triad and several individual community members in order to bring this issue to its rightful resolution. Please look at their websites for more information on them.
Also, read the letter sent to Greensboro City Manager Rashad Young written by Chris earlier this year. The letter will also inform you of many of the hidden costs of the landfill. We’ve included a link to the letter below.

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White Street Letter to City Council Opposing Re-Opening Landfill to MSW.pdf