Wynn v. Parsons, White v. Parsons et al., Smith v. Parsons et al.

Justice System Reform
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Case Summary

Filed 11/7/2014
Decided 02/26/2018
Updated 06/07/2024

SCSJ represented a group of men who were stabbed and injured while incarcerated in the Union Unit of Lanesboro Correctional Institution in Anson, North Carolina. The unit was presided over by a manager who smuggled weapons into the facility, creating an incredibly dangerous situation. SCSJ sued the facility’s superintendent for his failure to protect those in his custody and was able to reach financial settlements for a number of the men it represented.

Why it's Important

This case is about protecting the human rights and dignity of people who were held in Lanesboro Correctional Institution. The U.S. Supreme Court has held that a person’s punishment for committing a crime is imprisonment, not exposure to maltreatment and unsafe conditions. Prison officials have a duty under the Eighth Amendment to protect the people in their custody from violence at the hands of those who might do them harm.

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