SCSJ’s advocacy efforts span across two departments: Justice System Reform and Voting Rights


Justice System Reform (JSR)

JSR advocacy is rooted in the belief that divestment from, and abolition of, hierarchical law enforcement, is the best move forward for our communities. Instead, we prioritize investment in services that promote cohesion and growth, instead of punitive practices. We approach advocacy with community best practices in mind.

This advocacy focuses on several things, such as police accountability, safe schools, eliminating all facets of the school-to-prison pipeline, racial profiling and more. From classroom to court, our work centers social and economic justice for communities of color across the South.

Voting Rights (VR)

election administration work and policy advocacy focuses on protecting access to the ballot and monitoring legislative initiatives aimed at requiring photo ID at the polls, restricting voter registration, or otherwise disenfranchising voters. In addition to trainings on advocating for more early voting sites, SCSJ has provided legal support to help enforce state laws regarding the voting rights of persons with felony convictions or misdemeanants who are in jail.

SCSJ strives to link claims for minority representation with claims for fuller participation by all citizens. For example, voter ID requirements hinder effective participation by numerous groups, including young people, the elderly, and persons with disabilities. We also provide zealous advocacy in the redistricting process to ensure the fair and full participation of all voters. By demystifying the political and legal processes around redistricting, and providing models for more inclusive democratic structures, we hope to generate broader policy reforms that improve the democratic process overall.